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Surveillance and Investigation

I take care of all your surveillance & investigation needs

When you see it on the television, surveillance always seems pretty straightforward. There is usually a team of two in a van and maybe another two in a car waiting to tail the bad guy. In reality, surveillance is much more subtle, operating just below the radar to gather the vital intelligence that is relevant to the client’s needs.

The targeted person is unaware of the surveillance activity. Little by little, the information is collected together to complete the final picture and the results are then reported back to the client.

The secret to good surveillance is blending in and not being seen, knowing how to gather information and video evidence in a lawful, professional manner and getting results for the client.

As a fully trained surveillance operator, you can be assured that the surveillance used is legal and proportionate to your needs, whether it be for civil, criminal or domestic matters.

The private detective or investigation business is controlled by strict laws and regulations, and I work only with highest level ethics, leading to less problems for you as a client.
Use some the following links to dive into the vast depths information around privacy and legislation for both individual and corporates.

Some of my Corporate Services

Corporate Surveillance

Most of this type of surveillance relates to employees who take time off from work, claiming they have been injured and are unable to go to work. In most cases they have been to the doctor and have a medical certificate granting them an extended period of time off from work. However, they build on this, taking as much time as they can off and in turn claiming compensation. Often it is the compensation companies that contract me to put these employees under surveillance to ascertain how genuine their injury or sickness is.

If you need answers or reports on matters pertaining to dubious corporate or business activity, you can be confident that, as a fully trained surveillance operator, I will get results.

Abiding by laws and regulations, using the correct surveillance recording equipment and having expert knowledge in the corporate field, you can also have complete confidence in my ability to deliver.

I will gather the evidence relating to your circumstances and report back to you, for your viewing, so that the complaint or suspicion can be assessed and verified.

Some of My Private Services


Whether you are suspicious of a potential partner through an on-line dating service or of your current partner, who may be involved with a third party, or maybe need a background check on an individual, I will be able to gather the information you require.

A common scenario is that a client may suspect that their wife or husband is having an affair, so they often employ us to follow them, see where they are going, what they are doing. Quite often excuses such as “I have a business meeting” or “I have to meet a client after work” are used by the suspected spouse. We discreetly follow them and can either prove that they have NOT gone to where they had said they were going (and that they have indeed been out with another male or another female) or we can confirm that they were indeed telling the truth.

Whatever comes back from the surveillance is simply just reported back to the client. I don’t make any decisions on the infidelity.

Great Resources to learn more about privacy and regulations

I gather the information about the person you want.

I have 48 years of experience. My services are discreet and professional, making the process less daunting on yourself and family members.

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