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Testimonials from past clients

As  a private investigator, testimonials from clients is not something we get everyday. This is often due to the secret nature of our industry. We are very proud when our clients write a review for us.  Below testimonials come from some of my past clients. We have changed all names for privacy reasons. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Keith is the best investigator in the world, that is not an overstatement. He is not only great at doing what he has been doing longer than anyone else in Australia (for more than 52 years) but more importantly he has got a heart of Gold.
In this industry where most investigators are driven by money, the only motivation for Keith is his passion for fairness and justice. In fact, you should feel very very lucky to be able to have Keith on your case.
Thank you again Keith for everything you have done for me. 5 Stars. Regards Samuel

Hi Keith

Thanks mate just got back from the bank so good to go.
Your guy was amazing thank you for acting so promptly as really appreciated it. Thanks mate

Hi Keith

Many thanks for closing this chapter for me! Now that you have delivered the ‘goods’ I am happier than if I put the $1800 on a 5-1 shot at Eagle Farm and it won!!

This needed to be done and you have totally satisfied the customer.

Regards, Lenny

Hi Keith

Thank you for the excellent handling of this matter. The client also asked to convey her appreciation for your professional services. She has requested that we cease any further action at this stage as she will try and make contact with Liam directly and offer him any further financial assistance if required to assist him in returning to Australia. Your attention and outstanding professionalism is unsurpassed.

Kind regards, Mia

Hi Keith,

I hope all is well. Just sending a quick note to say hello and just touching base. I guess Jacob is doing alright with his family in Australia. If there’s any client that needs assistance in Australia, I’ll refer them without any hesitation.

Take care, Pat

Hi Mr Valium,

I’ve been meaning to email you all day. I read your book last night cover to cover. It is incredible! Not only such an entertaining read in terms how you write, but the stories more importantly, are amazing. You really have helped so many people in your life! The lengths you went to in so many of those cases is so inspiring. Thanks for giving me a copy! I have a bunch of relatives all ready to take turns to read it, including from my mums side.

You’ve inspired me to start writing my own story of what has happened to my Grandpa. It probably won’t be something ever published, but it’s a story worth telling in my opinion even if it doesn’t leave the hands of my family and friends.

Thanks for everything you do and have done for people like us, and especially all those young children.  Melissa

Hi Keith, Just wanted to thank you again for helping me. Without good people like you life would be even harder.
Thank you very much.   Johnny

Hi Keith… I fly home today in a much better head and heart space than when I arrived… I finally got my smile back after 8 years , I didn’t realise I still had dimples. . I can’t thank you enough for finding my children for me… I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and the chains that shackled my heart have fallen away .

I FEEL FREE from anguish, anxiety and grief for the first time in what feels like FOREVER. I will post the Brief of Evidence on ‘Dr Evil’ my ex husband and his history of Fraud to you tomorrow… have a wonderful day Keith and I hope you feel really joyful just knowing how you have changed my life… you really are my Earth Angel – Blissings and Blessings…

Jayne Wright xxx

Dear Keith I can hardly put into words the reassurance you have given me with all that information about my precious daughter. Just seeing where she lives and being there yesterday gave me confidence that through you i will find her and have a chance at a relationship. Thank you is all i can say. I feel priveledged to have even met you and how much more that you are helping me.

Ive been reading your book cant put it down. I think her father like the fathers in your stories, has poisoned her mind against me. I believe in miracles tho and the God of miracles. Kindest regards my friend.


After a long discussion she was shaken and realized what mistake she has done. Not sure how long will take but I’m sure she will be coming back home. I send you a big hug as a mother and cannot say thank you enough for all of your help.

Anne Felt

G’day Keith, Just a quick note to say Thanks for your fine skills in locating Belinda Temple. This then allowed us to reach out for a contact visit. This went very well and has allowed us to reconnect with my niece Sally.

My Mum is very happy. So thank you for making this possible.


Hello, How are you doing Keith, I hope health (first), life in general and business are going well. Sending you a little photo of Emma (1st pic) and Olivia (2nd one) a few minutes before they entered kindergarten middle class on Monday. They were very proud to pose for the photo, as I said to them it was for the Person that managed to help me find them when they were away. They are now settling back into normal life and are going to go to dance class and horse riding class starting October. Keith, I know I keep repeating what I say but once again, I want to thank you for what you have done. You are a wonderful person and I will keep you posted anytime I can about Emma’s and Olivia’s life, because you are fully and forever part of it. Lots of love.
Charlotte, Emma and Olivia❤️

Jaiden is about to turn 21 and Gustaf is about to finish year 12!! How time flies. The boys are great they are smart, kind, generous young men whom I am very proud of! The most amazing news is, Daniel came to stay with me just a couple weeks ago now. He was meant to stay for four days but it turned into 2.5 weeks! It was incredible we are like peas in a pod! Daniel has sold everything up n Melbourne and moved back to Bangkok. While he was here he bought a townhouse which Jaiden has moved into with his girlfriend! He also had his BMW e346 shipped over and I am now looking after that for him! What a machine!! He is hoping to send it to Thailand. He also gave me some family heirlooms his photos and other stuff he didn’t want to take with him. But more important than any object or stuff. We bonded, we made food together, did some work together and just generally got along. It really is incredible how nature works! I am like the female version of him! Knowing him has really helped me in ways that its hard for others to understand I finally get where I come from and how despite being away from him all these years where I fit in to his/my family. I am going to Bangkok for xmas I can’t wait. When he left it was horrible I felt like I just found him and then he was gone. So as you can gather things are really good. Over the years of carrying that article around and talking about the situation a lot of people told me to let it go, to give up, move on! I never could because he had the right to know about me and I was the only one that could tell him. Glad I didn’t! all my persistence (with your help) has paid off!

Thanks again Keith I will always be very grateful for what you did for me and my boys it really has changed my life for the better.

Just thought I’d let you know that me and my two sons are heading to Bangkok at the end of may to celebrate Daniel’s 70th birthday!! Never would have happened without you. I’ll never forget what you did for me and my sons. I will remain eternally grateful. I did an interview today for a local program where for the first time I was able to say your name as the person who found him!! I just can’t thank you enough!! take care xx

Erica XX

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