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Due Diligence

What is due Diligence?

Due diligence can be explained as reasonable steps taken by a person prior to signing a contract, or an act with a certain standard of care.

It is a comprehensive assessment of a business undertaken by a prospective buyer. Due diligence is used heavily in the business world, especially new agreements. Its purpose is to assess assets and liabilities and evaluate the agreement’s commercial potential.

By vetting or researching potential employees, suppliers or business associates, you may be giving yourself a competitive advantage. I may be able to provide you with information to confirm your suspicions corroborate or refute information you already have or give you new enlightening information.

Extensive global network

My extensive network of detectives and associates now give me the flexibility to provide international due diligence services on the same scale as in Australia.

Some of my clients want to go into business agreements overseas and it can be difficult to find information about the business or new business associates in another country.

Due diligence saves your business

I have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, simply by applying due diligence.

Just recently I had to act fast on a client request being done on a Friday as they needed the information by Saturday.

During the searches and due diligence, I found that the new potential business partners had previously been declared bankrupt and had not disclosed this vital piece of information when she/he was negotiating.

Why you need Diligence?

What are the Key Risk Indicators?

If you are unsure if you need my services, consider some of the following factors and try to understand if they are applicable to your situation. Understanding the risk in a business situation will help you make a choice of hiring my due diligence services.

Once you have established which of the following areas that affect your situation, the next step is to clarify the risk and find the appropriate level of due diligence.

Benefits to you

I Help You With Due Diligence

Trust my 48 years of experience as a professional investigator to strengthen your business relationships.

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