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With 47 Years experience, I can help with almost any private investigation, personal or business. I help you with anything from taking a witness statement, employment background checks and have my large success finding missing persons. Your privacy is of paramount importance to me throughout the process.

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There are numerous factors to consider when looking to hire a private investigator and his services.

Statement Taking

We take statements from witnesses in relation to accidents, incidents of theft and complaints etc.

Background Checks

It is now more important than ever and difficult to make sure people are who they say they are.

Missing Persons

My experience and track record in retrieving abducted children in Australia & across the world is long.

Private Investigator from Brisbane

My business is operating from Brisbane, making it easy for me to service you wherever you are.

Prior to this, I set up and ran one of Australia’s largest investigation businesses, as well as establishing and operating a training school for private investigators and para legal persons for several years.

I am well known for my professional approach and helping people to find their loved family members or relatives. Finding missing people have always been a big part of my business and I have developed certain skills to achieve the best possible outcome in our search for missing people.

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Investigator of the Year 2013

private investigator of the year 2013At the 88th Annual Conference of the World Association of Detectives held in Rome Italy in August 2013, ABI Member Keith Schafferius from Australia was voted WAD Investigator of the year.

Keith has been in this business for over 47 years and is renowned for his specialist international expertise in the retrieval of abducted children.

This is a sensitive and often dangerous area of work which requires compassion as well as determination, both of which Keith has in abundance.

International network of detectives

World Association of Detectives

World association of detectives Life membership

I am a lifetime member of World Association of Detectives. This organisation is the longest established and largest association of its kind in the world. During this time, I a have become private investigator of the year and also hold a role as director.

I am also member of The Association Of British Investigators which promotes and maintains the highest ethical code of practices in this profession.

Having extensive international networks of associates is vital to my success and helps me provide fast, accurate and efficient investigation services to you. The 2 network only holds members who are leaders of their profession in their respective communities and countries.

The Online W.A.D. private investigator member directory is accessible to all members and public website visitor.

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Private Investigator Awards & appointment.

Director of World Association of Detectives (WAD)

At the world Association of detective 89th annual meeting in Auckland NZ I was elected for a 4 year term as a director of WAD. This will necessitate my attendance at the annual conference and mid term board meetings in various countries each year. It keeps me in touch with the elite of private investigators world wide.

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