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Missing Persons

Missing Persons

Despite the fact that tracing people is a much harder process in this day and age, especially with the data protection and privacy laws, I still continue to trace persons with great success. My experience and track record in retrieving abducted children in Australia and across the world is long, spanning over 45 years.

My expertise with retrieving missing persons relates to parental abductions, Australian children missing overseas, international persons missing in Australia, as well as tracing or locating family and relatives.

All investigations are conducted promptly and confidentially utilising state of the art equipment, as well as having access to more than eight hundred investigators worldwide.

Whilst a lot of my assignments relate to overseas abductions and missing children, it is not uncommon to have to clients call me in relation to family members who have gone missing within Australia.

I have been conducting checks on people and businesses for over 45 years and have fine tuned the process to find exactly what you are looking for, fast and efficiently. Send me an email or give me a call for reliable and prompt service.

Family Abductions

The subject of child abduction and missing persons is relevant for many Australian and overseas families. A major part of my professional private investigation life has been dedicated to helping families who have had their children or minors abducted by other family members either within Australia or taken overseas.

The Australian Government has set up websites with in depth information for people who are looking for their missing children, in Australia or overseas. One website is Attorney-General’s Department. On this site there is information specific to those who have missing children.

Why Hire Me to Find Missing Person?

I have also been central to many publications about missing persons & child abduction both in TV and print. See the media archive to read the full stories.

My Role In Family Abductions

Australia has many international agreements with countries around the world that assist in helping those who have had family members abducted, fight for their rights across international borders. Often, my private investigation services are needed in situations that may have otherwise come to a standstill.

My many years of experience dealing with child custody and finding missing children, allows me to help you with your difficult domestic child recovery situation. What makes my services unique in today’s internet age, is that my personal skills allow me to ask the right questions to the right people, ultimately finding what I am looking for.

Missing Person Statistics

Abducted Children

This is a time of hardship and unfortunately, it is not over until we find the person/s you are looking for. I specalise in working seamlessly with you in this emotionally distressed situation.

If you suspect your child has been abducted away from Australia, contact the police immediately. There is still a chance your child has not left the country yet.

You should also seek legal advice in order to have your child’s name on the Family Law Watchlist. Read more about Family Law Watchlist.

I have compiled a list of things you can do if your child has gone missing or has been taken away from you to another country. My first hour of consultation is FREE of charge.

Are You Missing Someone? Let Us Help you Find Them.

I have over 48 years of experience. My services are discreet and professional, making the process less daunting on yourself and family members.

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