Bug Sweeping for home

Bug Sweeping for home

Bugging or eavesdropping is a real time interception of private communications, phone calls, instant messaging, emails, video conferences or fax transmissions. For many people, this information can cost them millions of dollars if placed in wrong hands.

Do you have an angry ex-partner, disturbing neighbor, a child custody case, stalker, or a friend relationship that has gone sour? Make sure those people cannot get the opportunity to put pressure on yourself or your family by placing listening devices in your house or home.

If you fear that your private conversations at home are being listened to, by means of a listening device or bug, let me put your mind at ease by doing a sweep and debugging the premises.

Your home should be your private area and sanctuary where you feel safe. Let me do a discreet sweep for bugs and potentially debug your home, so that I can put your mind at rest. We also provide bug sweeping at your office, click here to read more.

Signs you might have been bugged

  • People seem to know your daily movements
  • Your furniture may have been moved
  • Your land-line rings with no one on the other end
  • You don’t recognize vehicles park for a long periods of time
  • Tradies show up without you having booked them
  • Unusual noises and connections on your phone

What to do if your house is bugged

  • Under any circumstances- don’t talk to anyone, you may alert the source.
  • Contact us from a position that has not been compromised.
  • Avoid sending us an email as computer might be tapped.
  • Leave the bug alone and avoid trying to find it.
  • Continue on as you would on any normal day.
  • Write down any valuable information they might have obtained.

My de-bugging services

Bug sweeping services, for homes, are very different to 20 years ago. Today we have many more ways in which to communicate and therefore there are more chances of being intercepted.

Our homes now have more cabling and integration systems, different types of power lines, more radio signals, internet and voice being transferred online (VOIP). This means we need to use different tools to try to find all of them.

As you can appreciate, finding the bugs in your house in not a straight forward process, it involves both physical and electronic processes.

Why use my bug sweeping services

  • We have the right people and the right equipment to find the bugs
  • Our equipment is professional, not home devices
  • 48 years experience with the laws surrounding bug sweeping
  • We are serious about your privacy
  • It requires a high level of expertise
  • We question if our services are suitable for your needs

Types of bugs we find

There are many type of bugs and we list some of them here. Click on the link to take you to a page explaining more details about the bug. Low frequency Radio-standard type phone tap. High frequency – Harder to detect and could often be found in workplaces and corporations.

Wiretapping– a traditional telephone line tapping.

Even if you are outside of the Brisbane area, please contact us, as we can help you anywhere in the world.

Contact me discreetly if you believe you are being bugged.

I have 48 years of experience. My services are discreet and professional, making the process less daunting on yourself and family members.

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