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Background Checks

Our Corporate and Private Background Checks are Thorough

With our ever changing lifestyle and work environment, it is now more important than ever to make sure people are who they say they are. By doing background checks, you can feel confident in your decision to join a group or organization or screen someone for employment.

My expertise in the area of background checks is vast and diverse. I have provided exceptional and independent background checks for clients across many industries. The background checks can be done both in Australia and in other countries regardless of where you need the service.

I am able to deal with most of the inquiries that are referred to me. I also work with experienced researchers who help to sift through the vast amounts of information that we collect for background checks.

My goal with the background check services is to provide you, “the client” with information necessary to proceed with confidence in your decision of hiring or engaging in relationships with a person or business.

6 Reasons to Choose my Services

Corporate Background Checks

Often I am contracted by Corporations who are in the process of advertising for employees to fill professional positions.

Whilst they do the initial screening of the prospective employees or applicants themselves, it is when they get down to the shortlist that they employ my services as a private investigator to check their background and police files.

It is much easier however, to use a private investigator to get this information rather than trying to do it themselves.

It is a time consuming process that many untrained people find difficult.

In the long run, they are given the peace of mind that their new employee “checks out” and has a reputable background.

Background checks I provide for some corporate clients.

There are many known sources of information that can help you find what you are looking for. You can read what they have to say on the following links. Always feel welcome to call us and I can do the background checks for you.

Check your academic record here. Academic Background Check.
Gather more information about an Australian company or organisation. Company Background Check. Criminal Intelligence Commision.

Background Checks for Education and Child Workers

It goes without saying that employment screening within the education and child sectors are imperative. It is essential for you, as the employer, to provide a safe and trusting environment for both children and staff.

My services have helped many schools and government to choose the right candidate for the jobs, potentially saving the organisation many hundreds of thousands of dollars in dispute resolution.

Staffing is one of the hardest parts of any business so using my employment screening for your future childcare worker can prove to be a wise investment.

All workers within this industry have to be properly screened but it can be very hard for some employers and managers to perform them themselves.

Background checks for education and child workers backgrounds.

Telecommunication Industry Background Checks

Large telecommunication companies are now looking for qualified and certified staff to carry out their plans.

The industry moves as fast as technology does.

This technology can cost the companies a lot of money if the staff don’t have the skills to operate them.

Make sure your future staff are who they say they are.

I check and report on the following areas.

Health Care Sector Background Checks

With the privatisation of many health sectors now, the industry is becoming more competitive and successfully screening and interviewing the right person can mean your health business can compete better.

Many of today’s doctors are from overseas making it even harder for you to verify their references or qualifications. Make sure you truly know the new staff member before you hire them. We do all or some of the following checks.

Transportation and Mining Sector Background Checks

With the vast number of roles available in the transportation and mining industry, it makes it very hard for companies to really know who the person is before you hiring them.

Having people working away from the office or warehouse means that the candidates need to have a specific type of personality and motivation. Make sure you choose people that do not have a dark past or who will let down your business by misconduct.

For the transport and mining sector, we also perform:

Retail Industry Background Checks

Make sure your retail outlet or business is safe with trustworthy and reliable staff. Don’t hire the people with wrong backgrounds and intentions.

This industry is one of the top industries when it comes to fraud and theft.

Your shareholders or partners will thank you for employing my screening services and background checks.

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners have some interesting reading in relation to corporate crime, fraud and misconduct. Go to their website here.

We have also decided to share a PDF with full presentation and summary sections.

These are some of the areas we consider important to check for the retail industry. Remember, I am not limited to these checks and can provide others as well.

*All police record checks and drivers license history checks can only be done with the consent of the applicants. It is unethical and unlawful not to have the persons consent.

Private Background Checks

In the Private Sector, background checks are common, e.g. when someone’s sister is getting married and the family suspect new fiancée for various reasons.

This is when they engage a private investigator to check on his background to see if he is legitimate. Quite often these checks relate to assets, wealth or employment, where something seems amiss and he isn’t convincing the family that he is legitimate.

Tips and Advice about Background Checks

If you have never done a background check before, it can be difficult but also time consuming for the untrained person. Australia and Queensland have many laws and regulations making some of the information hard to obtain. This is to protect each individual person. It often requires federal or state police involvement.

See these websites for more information about police checks or corporate information. The police have a lot of information that can help you to get a good understanding about many aspect of background checks. It is important to understand there is a certain processes that need to be followed as well as application fees.

ASICS’s website brings you lot of information about a business and its past.

I have been conducting checks on people and businesses for over 45 years and have fine tuned the process to find exactly what you are looking for, fast and efficiently. Send me an email or give me a call for reliable and prompt service.

I Help You With Background Checks

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