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This week we have a conversation with Keith Schafferius.

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Today’s Episode
Listen to today’s conversation with the very Un-private Private investigator Keith Shcafferius. Keith Schafferius has been a private investigator for over 40 years, specialising in child retrieval

Keith Schafferius joined the military when he was nineteen and spent six years in the airforce, then some time with ASIO.


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He established his private investigation business in 1969 and became well-known for his involvement in child recovery.

Keith has slipped into countries like Poland, Yemen and the Philippines to retrieve children for a deeply anxious mother or father – a difficult and dangerous job fraught for the children torn between two parents.

His book, The Retriever, was published in 2010 by ABC Books.

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Book Title: The Retreiver

the-retreiver-book-coverThe controversial and incredible story of the Australian private investigator who retrieves children illegally abducted by one of their own parents. A compelling mix of true crime, thriller and memoir that no parent should miss.

Australia has the highest per capita rate of parental child abductions in the world, with about 150 Australian children abducted each year, according to official figures.


This program was originally aired 31 August 2012 at ABC Local Radio.