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Peace of mind took a detective around the world

Late one evening in February this year I received a phone call from a distraught father in Sydney who had great concerns for his 24-year-old son.

A call late one evening

Late one evening in February this year I received a phone call from a distraught father in Sydney who had great concerns for his 24-year-old son who was communicating for more than six months with a person unknown to his parents. The son suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome and has many issues with his family life at home. The son is very bright and well educated but not presently employed. His main daily activity is in his bedroom on the computer.

His parents became aware that a secret communication was being maintained by their son with someone outside Australia.

A secretive son

The son would not discuss the contact at all with any family members. The parents did not know if the person in contact with their son was male or female, age or where the person was from. I was able to infiltrate some of the son’s communications and found the person was a young female in Tel Aviv, Israel. With this information in hand I was pleased to engage the services of my dear friend, one of WAD’s leading professional investigators in Israel, Jacob Ofir.

Jacob commenced research immediately and found the female was young and about to turn 21 years of age, she was residing alone in a well-appointed apartment in Tel Aviv that had been given to her by her Grandparents. This young lady was very well educated and still attending University furthering her studies. This information was relayed back to the parents in Australia who by this stage were a little more at ease.

Concerned parents keep out for their son
Concerned parents keep out for their son

A trip to Israel

After about three weeks when discussions were in place within the family, the son decided that he wanted to travel to Israel to meet with his internet friend. This was his first female friend, both he and the girl are Atheists and discussed their beliefs in depth. His parents became very concerned again about the son travelling alone for such a long haul. The son had not flown before and in his fathers’ words he had not even gone to ‘McDonalds’ alone. His parents pleaded with him not to go, but the son argued that he is an adult and will make his own decisions and will be going.

The parents then requested that I arrange for a covert operative to travel on the same flight to Israel and remain there for the three weeks the son intended staying. I personally was unable to travel due to a medical condition. My long-time friend and business associate Terry Edwards accepted the opportunity to fill in for me. Terry is a former Queensland Police Detective with 39 years’ service.

The son was concerned about the transfer of airline flights in Hong Kong so his parents flew with him to Hong Kong to assist with the changeover.

Covert flight company

Terry flew covertly to Tel Aviv and took up with Jacob Ofir to continue surveillance of the son and his new-found girlfriend. The son had intended to stay for three weeks but decided to remain there for three months until his visa expired. Terry and Jacob remained on the case for a couple of weeks until the young couple had settled in and appeared to be enjoying each other’s company. The clients were happy to leave the ‘young lovers’ alone in Tel Aviv.

The son now has a much better relationship with his parents communicating with them daily. The young girl also has an open line of communication with the boy’s family and both sides of parents are communicating with each other.

A very happy ending to what could have been a disaster.

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