Documentary: Missing – Presumed Alive

Video Title: Missing – Presumed Alive

Documentary Description

Follows 2 private investigators (Keith Schafferius and Logan Clark) as they find and retrieve children who have been taken out of Australia illegally by parents who don’t have custody rights.

A fly on the wall documentary special about international child abduction and the true story of the desperate attempt to retrieve a five year old boy, Matu, taken illegally to the Philippines by his Filipino mother.

Matu’s Swedish born father, with the help of the FBI, Interpol and two private detectives is desperately trying to snatch Matu, but it proves difficult as his estranged wife has a wealthy and powerful family and the support of the Philippines Government.

To make matters worse, Muslim hit-men have been hired to guard Matu and have orders to shoot the father on sight.

Logan Clarke has been an expert consultant for CBS News as well as for television newsmagazines including 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, Inside Edition and A Current Affair.

This movie was originally Screened October 1995 and is classified as a documentary. It is a a film by Carlyon & Rivette Pictures.

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