ABC Radio with Keith – A private Investigator

ABC Interview with Keith – March 2018

Episode Description
In a ABC Focus Radio episode I speak about my many years experience within the private investigation industry. Emma Griffiths is the presenter. Hope you enjoy.

ABC also wrote an article about the interview which you can read here.

The Focus radio interview was originally on air 9th March 2018 at ABC Radio.

Listen to the radio interview here

Interviewer: Emma Griffiths
Book Title: The Retreiver

The retriever book coverThe controversial and incredible story of the Australian private investigator who retrieves children illegally abducted by one of their own parents. A compelling mix of true crime, thriller and memoir that no parent should miss.

Australia has the highest per capita rate of parental child abductions in the world, with about 150 Australian children abducted each year, according to official figures.

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